Industry 4.0

GI.MAX SRL plants are designed to collect a large amount of information during the production process. All the information collected is stored in a data collection and processing system that can be supplied with the basic version of the plant.

Much information can be gathered and it can be customized depending on customer’s needs; it can be easily transferred to centralized processing systems with the aim of correlating quality and production efficiency with the actual working conditions encountered during the process.

The information processed can be useful to provide indications to maintenance personnel regarding the status of certain components that may show abnormal signs of wear and therefore require repair before causing unwanted stoppages.

Finally, we would like to remind you that it is possible to connect all GI.MAX SRL plants remotely, guaranteeing the possibility of immediate remote control and assistance services for any type of malfunction of the plant, satisfying an additional criterion specifically required for the eligibility of investment for incentives required by the National Industry Plan 4.0.

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